“ Production, sale and rental of scaffolding, providing the best quality-price ratio.

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Sale scaffolding

Afix has a wide range of scaffolding parts in stock.

You can find all available materials in our catalogue.
You can also specify your purchases as follows :

  • A list of individual parts, composed by you.
  • Indication of the scaffolding dimensions and a description of the application. After close deliberation we will compose a list of materials.
  • A promotional package, compiled by Afix. Promotional packages can be found in the promotional brochure.
Afix is able to offer short delivery times thanks to a large stock of goods. If you send us your order 48 hours in advance, we will prepare the order within the requested time frame. If you do not prefer to collect the goods yourself, we can organize the transport for you. Depending on the unloading options, we organize delivery on a truck with our without a crane.

We have also developed an economical stacking system to minimize freight costs. As the height from the floor to the top of the loading platform is variable, the height of the loading pallets can be adjusted. Piling boxes, pallets for pipe products and pallets for floors can be piled together.

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