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Lightweight guardrail

Innovation in scaffolding !

Afix is launching its new lightweight guardrail in January 2016. This guardrail will be delivered in two versions: fixed size and extensible guardrail.

This lightweight guardrail is the result of 2 years of research and development in collaboration with university research centres and leading engineering offices specialised in the development of innovative plastics and plastic applications. The ideal section and shape were determined by using calculation software according to the EN standards in the field of fiberglass.

YELLOW TUBE: the fixed guardrail version: is a reinforced plastic tube with two slimline wedge heads at the end.

LIFE TUBE: the extendible guardrail version: is also a reinforced plastic tube with possible lengths between 1.09m and 3.07m. Suitable for a multitude of applications. By means of the Afix “Life Tube” holder, a guardrail can be placed at the higher level without the need of already placing floors. See here how to do this.

Advantages of the weight saving lightweight guardrail:

  • • Weight savings of more than 55% on the most commonly used guardrails, in comparison with a steel ledger used as a guardrail.
    • Quicker (dis)assembly. The scaffolding builder can carry several lightweight guardrails at the same time, without exceeding the permitted lifting standards.
    • Possibility of higher construction heights due to the lower own weight of the scaffolding.
    • Ergonomic, as 42% of the ledgers consist of lightweight guardrails, which results in a huge reduction of physical load.
    • Less theft-prone due to no residual value of plastic.
    • Yellow colour = general safety code.
    • Conforms to the EN standard on guardrail load, greater safety has been taken into consideration, bigger comfort for the customer / user.
    • Development is patented.
    • You will also save transport weight. At present, a load may be limited by the maximum load capacity of the truck while load space remains available
    • Resistant to corrosion.

For proactive safety reasons, the tube has been shaped in such a way that (a) the TÜV guardrail standards have been amply met and that (b) no steel floors can be mounted on it.

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