“ Production, sale and rental of scaffolding, providing the best quality-price ratio.

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AFIX Finance

Afix provides a full set of financing solutions, tailored to your needs.

Financing is freedom:

  • Makes working capital and investment budget available so you can use available cash for strategic investments and business opportunties.
  • Allign financing cash outflow with incoming cash generated by deploying your own scafolding.

Why Afix Finance:

  • Afix is your single point-of-contact for your commercial, tecnhical and financingsolutions.
  • Financing is part of the all-inclusive package Afix offers: scafolding, project management, consulting, building, financing, …
  • Afix financing does not ‘eat’ from your bank credit limits. It is an additional source of finance.
  • Afix Finance offers fixed interest rates. No suprises during your financing contract.
  • Afix is supported by Oak Leasing, a solid provider of Construction and Scaffolding Finance.